Webinars 2017-2018

Book for CPD webinars in 2017

These webinars are available free to CIPR and CMI members.

To reserve your place and be sent the links to the booking forms, please email the CIPR LPS group.

20 September 2017, 6.30pm ‘Managing communications in the digital age with the self-service citizen’, a CPD webinar with the CIPR Wessex and CMI Southern.

9 October 2017, 6.30pm ‘Intellectual Property – why is it important to you’, a CPD webinar with IPO and CMI Southern.

5 December 2017, 6.30pm ‘Mental toughness and personal resilience’ a CPD webinar with trainers AQR Ltd and CMI Southern.

Intellectual Property webinar – 9 October 2017

This webinar will be delivered in partnership with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and is being provided to assist managers and practitioners in the CMI Southern and CIPR groups.

Every business and organisation has a trade mark, even if it has not been registered with the IPO. Every organisation – from sole practitioner and SME to large firms – is likely to be using and creating copyright. Do you know your areas of intellectual property (IP) and how not to breach IP belonging to another person or firm?

This webinar will give an overview of the main areas of IP, the costs, IP overseas, and the impact of intellectual property on individual consultants and SMEs. Trainers from the IPO will explore rights, how they can be protected and the benefits of protection.

Resources and case studies to help practitioners better understand IP are being developed throughout the year.

If you have a case study or tips you would like to submit, contact Abha Thakor, the organiser of this CPD event c/o the CIPR LPS group.

Mental Toughness and Personal Resilience webinar – 5 December 2017

Improve your mental toughness and personal resilience in this webinar. Team building and leadership development company AQR International and a panel of experienced managers and practitioners will explore the importance of these attributes. This CPD event is being developed with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Local Public Services group and the Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) Southern region.

The webinar follows on from the research by the CIPR LPS group and Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015-2016 which highlighted personal resilience as a key attribute for communicators and senior managers. It will address feedback from members who attended CMI Southern’s previous professional development events on change management and managing conflict in the workplace. In response to requests from members in both Institutes, this webinar will be part of a series of materials on resilience.

If you have a case study or tips for resources to accompany this webinar, please contact the organising team.

More about the speaker

In recent years, Doug Strycharczyk has worked with Professor Peter Clough, of Manchester Metropolitan University, to define mental toughness and to create a measurement for it. Together they have written a number of books and articles on the topic.

Doug (pictured) is recognised as an authority on the application of mental toughness in the work of coaching, performance, education and sport. He works with organisations to develop performance, increase retention, improve employee engagement, and to deal more effectively with issues such as bullying and the impact of change. He also focuses on organisational development, senior management and leadership development.

He has more than 30 years of experience in a variety of line management, HR and consultancy roles with a number of blue chip businesses.


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