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This site is an added resource to provide updates on the CIPR’s Local Public Services group, information on its events and signpost to useful CPD material.

The CIPR’s main website can be explored at:

If you have a query, email us at: and this will be forwarded to the relevant person.

To take part or support the work of the LPS Group committee, contact Claire Melia-Tompkins  or Megan Pope.

For media interviews, contact Mandy Pearse.

Events and Workshops

Events for 2017-18 are currently being developed in partnership with regional groups of the CIPR and other institutes. Future events will be published on our page on Eventbrite

The CIPR LPS group’s 2015-2016 Research Project and its findings.

Social media

You can follow the CIPR Local Public Services group on Twitter @ciprlps

Members of the CIPR can join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Contact the CIPR membership team to make sure the LPS group is in your list of groups.

Privacy and terms and conditions

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  1. Can you please clarify whether NHS Trusts are within the scope of “local public services”

    • Thanks for the comment Richard. We have checked for you – regional NHS trusts can belong to the local public services group. We will contact you by email too.


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