PR insights

Being a resilient communicator

The recent report on mental health and the public relations industry by #FuturePRoof highlighted the increasing prevalence of mental health in the PR industry and how it is often managed wrongly as a performance issue. It makes for fascinating reading and… Read More ›

Raising mental health awareness through comms

Communications Team can play a vital role in increasing understanding and awareness about mental health. Martha Nahar talks about the approach used in her local NHS Trust including a ‘human library’ and internal staff championing.

2015 PR Trends

Reposted blog (first appeared 30/12/2014, reposted 9/1/2015) Discover the predictions of experienced PR practitioners from the CIPR about public relations and communications in 2015. Lynda Fothergill, Abha Thakor and Robert Webb from the Local Public Services Group take a look at… Read More ›